You are invited to have a place at our table!

All board members represent a Helping Heart Nurturing Partner organization. Please inquire about having your organization be a part of the Board. 

The Hope Advisory Board oversees the day to day management of the organization and are listed below:

  • Trinity Church: Emily Albrecht (top second right) and Susie Tacchi (top middle)
  • St. John’s UMC: Patsy Hickey (not shown), Audrey Zieger (top left) and Randy Knighten, Jr. (not shown) 
  • St. Luke UMC: Gale Houston (bottom left) and Mary Rowland (not shown)
  • Koenig Lane Christian Church: Pam Best (not shown)
  • Tarrytown UMC: Susan Roberts  (bottom right) 
  • Hyde Park Neighborhood Association: Sara Cook (not shown)
  • Staff: Stephanie Humphreys (bottom middle)

The Executive Director, Stephanie Humphreys, is responsible for the daily operations including volunteers, food sourcing, fundraising, and community relationships and works closely with Hope’s Advisory Board to meet the needs of the community.

The Common Good Board of Directors are the fiduciary managers of Hope and listed below:

  • Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones ▪ Brooks Schuelke ▪ Rev. Robert Waddle
  • Rev. Abigail Parker-Herrera ▪ Nancy Clark ▪ Randy Knighten, Jr.
  • Rev. Teresa Welborn ▪ Rev. Cynthia Kepler-Karrer ▪ Rachel Wright

The following sustaining partner organizations have at least one representative on the Advisory Board:


Trinity Church is a place where you can be you. We are not a church that has all the answers, but we do know the source of our hope, healing, and love. Your continued participation is welcome as we seek to serve God through each other, our community, and our world. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would simply like to talk.  Come experience the joy of being in a church community that is daring to be different, and where you truly can be you.

Hope Food Pantry Austin is housed in Trinity and the church covers the normal business expenses such as electricity, copying and phone service. A food drive is conducted the first Sunday of each month during the normal Sunday services and the congregation also provides financial contributions.


The Koenig Lane Christian Church, a neighborhood church, has been very active with Hope for years. Several organizations with in the church have contributed money yearly. Families have given food, money, and volunteer time to the mission of Hope Food Pantry Austin. Special food drives have been planned and are delivered monthly.


St. John’s is an open house and an open, welcoming congregation. We have a place for you. We’re creating a community where God’s love changes people and God’s people change the world. We invite you to look through these pages and at our newsletter for some of the ways we’re doing that.

St. John’s UMC has been a generous partner to Hope Food Pantry Austin by organizing food drives, raising money, and hosting the Hunger Meal Fundraiser. Currently there are three St. John’s members sitting on the Advisory Board.


St. Luke United Methodist Church has always been quite passionate about mission outreach and particularly feeding the hungry. We are located in a specific pocket of Austin with widely varying socio-economic situations. Therefore, over the years, we have provided food for people in various ways in order to reach those in need – city/neighborhood pantry efforts, our own attempt at food distribution, food drives at our neighborhood school, meals for Habitat construction crews, emergency financial support for families needing groceries, Thanksgiving baskets, support/snack bags for the homeless, and eventually teaming with Trinity UMC in support of Hope. We are very devoted to this ministry, and it touches the hearts of almost everyone at St. Luke, moving them to participation in one way or another to help feed people. We have a regular crew of people involved in delivering food to Trinity every week, and some members also volunteer at Hope to help pack and distribute groceries. Even our youngest children help out by collecting food donations every Sunday during our worship service.


Tarrytown United Methodist Church has always been involved with Hope. Lately, Tarrytown members have donated generously and a member joined the Advisory Board.


The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association exists to foster a closer, more genuine community of neighbors and to preserve and improve the historic and unique character, amenities, and ecology of the neighborhood.

Founded in 1974, the Association is made up of volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of life for Hyde Park residents. We host monthly meetings and special task force committees focused on areas of interest to residents as well as fun, community-building events designed to bring folks together. Many of these events also showcase and celebrate some of the neighborhood’s local treasures.

Celebrate Hope Food Pantry Austin’s 20th birthday with a gift today or make a reoccurring one and help Hope grow all year long. Your financial support allows Hope to offer the basic building blocks of healthy community– food and clothing, as well as hospitality, dignity, relationships and, well, hope.