If you can’t feed a hundred people then just feed one.”

Mother Teresa

Whether you bring a personal bag of groceries, organize a food drive at your workplace, church, book club, or in lieu of a birthday or special occasion, your contributions help those with food insecurity.

We accept small (<50 pounds) donations every Thursday and Friday and first Saturday of the month between 8:30 – 10:30a.m. If you have a donation greater than 50 pounds of food please contact Stephanie at info@hopefoodpantryaustin.org to schedule a drop-off.

Help your neighbors in need!

Items Needed: Shelf stable items like breakfast cereal and other breakfast items, cartons of shelf stable milk, cans of vegetables–corn, green beans, peas etc., cans of diced or whole tomatoes, canned fruit, cans of soup/chili/ ravioli, peanut butter (smaller than 18 oz), canned meats-tuna, chicken or salmon, pasta, bags of rice and beans, misc such as pancake/muffin mixes, granola/protein bars, and condiments.  



A few food drive requests if you are able:
1. Place all items in manageable containers for carrying (easy for everyone).

2. Weigh all items and tally the total.

3. Sort like items together (this could be a fun project for the donors).

4. Share our donate link for those who would rather provide a monetary gift (we purchase eggs, meat, and items to fill the gap).

Fund Drives give us the flexibility to purchase items that were otherwise unavailable that week at the food bank.  Typically we buy meat, eggs, rice, beans, pasta, and canned fruits and vegetables to fill everybody’s basket with staple items. Use this link: Donate to send to others or donate yourself!

Celebrate Hope Food Pantry Austin’s 20th birthday with a gift today or make a reoccurring one and help Hope grow all year long. Your financial support allows Hope to offer the basic building blocks of healthy community– food and clothing, as well as hospitality, dignity, relationships and, well, hope.