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The clients coming in for our services are a part of our family.
We know that the retired couple from the Ukraine likes beets. We
know that when Rev. Baker enters the building, we all break out
in a chorus of “Old Man River.” We know to save the oatmeal for a proud gentleman
taking care of his granddaughter, and that corn is the preferred vegetable and
that fruit cocktail is chosen over apple sauce any day of the week.

The volunteers who help out are part of our family. We know that the one
who sweeps out at the end of the day was an airline pilot, and that
one has a daughter who is an opera singer. We know that one taught at
both Texas A&M and UT, and that one plans to become a welder when he
finishes high school.

What makes volunteering at Hope so special is that we are family.

    If you are interested in joining our family we have a number of volunteer opportunities.

  • Pick up CAFB order on Tuesday at 1:30p.m. Big cars appreciated!
  • Distribute to clients every Thursday or Friday morning (2hour max)
  • Collect, Organize, and hand out clothes from Hope’s Closet
  • Work on special projects or events.
  • Use your special skills for the cause.

Please contact Stephanie Humphreys, Hope Food Pantry Austin Executive Director by emailing her at info@HopeFoodPantryAustin.org.