Welcome and thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in volunteering at Hope Food Pantry Austin.  We distribute groceries to families every Thursday, Friday, and first Saturday of the month. We are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Our basic volunteer schedule is laid out below.


Volunteer needs and description:

Tuesdays Noon – 3p.m.

Prepping and stocking involves sorting dry goods as well as produce in preparation for Thursday/Friday/Saturday distribution.

Thursday and Friday 8 – 11a.m.

Prepping for distribution and limited interaction with families coming in to receive groceries. First Saturday of the month distribution days are reserved for our partners. 

1) Please come prepared to move boxes up to 25 pounds, sort, stock, fill bags, push carts, and any other similar tasks with the goal of distributing pre-packed food for families.

2) Please wear solid shoes, comfortable clothes, and bring a mask and some gloves if you have them. We do have masks and gloves at the pantry if you need them.

3) If you are able to pick up food using your own vehicle please let me know.  Pick ups are from local grocery stores and Central Texas Food Bank.

If interested please let Stephanie know at info@HopeFoodPantryAustin.org.


Make a contribution to help purchase food:

$7 provides 4 days worth of groceries to a family of four. Please consider a donation that is comfortable for you. Send all donations to attention:

Hope Food Pantry Austin
4001 Speedway
Austin, Texas 78751

Randall’s Remarkable card holders: place #3830 on your card and donate to Hope. A Randall’s employee can help you.

Coordinate a Food/Fund Drive:

The largest variety of food Hope distributes comes from community food drives – AND YOU CAN HELP!

No glass, no outdated items, no bulk (larger than 2 pounds), no dented or rusty items, and no opened items.

Tips below:

1.Create a theme e.g.: Summer Lunches, Baby bonanza, Healthy start, Family Dinners, Staples etc.   It helps participants to focus on just a few items rather than everything.  The staples we focus on at the pantry are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta and sauce, rice and beans, cereal and soups, bread, meat, tuna, and peanut butter.  You can choose a few items, work off a theme and let participants decide, or list all the staple items.  Have fun with it!!!!!

2. Set a timeline and schedule a delivery time.

3. Market your food/fund drive by posters, flyers, announcements etc.  Any way to get the word out.

4. Have marked boxes in central locations for people to drop off their goods.

5. Give at least a week’s time to collect items

6. Coordinate the delivery of your items.

Email Stephanie Humphreys at info@HopeFoodPantryAustin.org to get help setting it up.


Hope is located at 4001 Speedway and is housed in the Trinity Church.