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We use the grocery store model distribution method.  Each person comes in and chooses the items they need to fill the gap in their own pantry.  Desirable items to purchase for a food drive:
Tuna and/or meat in a can
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Dried Rice and black/pinto Beans (1 pound bags preferred)
Pasta of all sorts
Canned fruit
Canned corn
Cereal and/or breakfast items
Canned soups of all kinds
Boxed Milk and/or juice (juice is less preferable)
Salsa or spiced flavoring for cooking
Oil-32 ounces or less
1 pound or less packages of tea/coffee

Snack items of all sorts

Please no items in glass containers, no water. and no items in paper bags e.g. flour (they rip very easily and we are not able to give away opened.)