The largest variety of food Hope distributes comes from community food drives – AND YOU CAN HELP! Food collected will be sorted and distributed to over 1000 individuals in one month. Children and adults both, find themselves short of food all year round , not just over the holiday season.

Organize a food drive of your own through your business, school, club, church or organization. Listed below are some tips:

1.Create a theme e.g.: Summer Lunches, Baby bonanza, Healthy start, Family Dinners, Staples etc. It helps participants to focus on just a few items rather than everything. The staples we focus on at the pantry are canned vegetables and fruits, pasta and sauce, rice and beans, cereal and soups, bread, meat, tuna, and peanut butter. You can choose a few items, work off a theme and let participants decide, or list all the staple items. Have fun with it!!!!!

2. Set a timeline and deadline.

3. Market your food/fund drive by posters, flyers, announcements etc. Any way to get the word out.

4. Have marked boxes in central locations for people to drop off their goods. Hope has boxes if you need them.

5. Give at least a week’s time to collect items.

6. Coordinate the delivery of your items.

Email Stephanie Humphreys at to get help setting it up.